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Marracech company store

The Company Store will be completely immersed in the Moroccan atmosphere, with total respect for the local architecture: from single ochre coloured homes to the arabesque styled buildings. The innovative Company Store will be founded with appropriate commercial spaces where characteristic Moroccan products will be traded, in an environment already accustomed to a heavy influx of tourists. Many are those who invest in structures designed for the service industry, as tourism represents a fundamental resource for the economic growth of the country. Furthermore, many individuals, especially the British, are buying houses and villas in the city. Also, notable and influential personalities in fashion and show business, such as Yves Saint Laurent, have for a good deal of time chosen Marrakech as a residence, giving prominence to the characteristics of the region to their homes. A new point of encounter for tourism of the new millennium, this is what is represented by Marrakech: thecity of the Sultans.


The times are ripe for a Company Store in the city of Marrakech, one of the most famous cities of Morocco. Marrakech starts becoming one of the most important tourist destination of Noth Africa. Located in the south centre of the country, it owes its splendour to the building works of the Sultans. Its architecture is of fundamental importance: dwellings typically culminate in the surrounding walls of the same building, until they come to form a medina, elegant,and of unique and precious design.

Catchment 2,5 millions people in the 60 minutes driving time areaTourism 7,8 millions visitors each yearGLA 21.000 sqm plus 5.000 sqm LeisureStores 98 plus bars and restaurantsParking 1.700 car parking placesOpening 2015