Athens company store

The Company Store, which will also accommodate an area reserved for a Retail Park, has been planned around the concept of a Lifestyle Park wherein shopping centre, entertainment structure that includes areas of activity ranging from the cultural to sporting, are founded on the architectural traditions of the locale with an innovative interpretation of classical detail, in so far as the materials used, which will make the Village an inviting context ideal for recreation and social interaction.
The Village will rise out of a zone that housed a silver mine, inactive for years, giving prominence, through building materials and architectonic structures, to an environment that at one time represented the principle income resource for Athens, fusing it with the services of the Company Store.


Athens Village, located 30 km from Athens International Airport, only 15 minutes from the centre of the Greek capital, will rise south-east of Attica, a region, with its vast plain, that has played a fundamental role in the history of the Hellenic capital, Athens, also the regional seat. The location, both strategic and of great appeal will draw not only local visitors but, being adjacent to the ferry ports, also many residents from the Cicladi Islands, which are also preferred destinations of many European and international tourists. Then one should not forget the millions of visitors who each year are drawn by the Hellenic polis par excellence not to mention the natural beauty of the archipelago.

Catchment 4 millions people in the 90 minutes driving time areaTourism 14 millions each yearGLA 30.000 sqm.Area 320.000 sqm.Shops 130 plus bars and restaurantsParking 2.800 car parking places