The Centre is built on the previous industrial site of the “Laterie Interlac”, inactive and in part demolished since 2004.The site occupies a central area in Dison. The Municipality has developed a plan to restore the location and provide it with residences, shops and services.The project aims...

Lavrio shopping

Lavrio, Greece

Laurium or Lavrio (Modern Greek: Λαύριο, classical Greek: Λαύριον; before early 11th century BC: Θορικός Thorikos; from Middle Ages until 19th century: Εργαστήρι Ergastiri) is a town in southeastern part of Attica, Greece. It is the seat of the municipality of Lavreotiki. Laurium was famous in...

Križ Village


Meeting point between Occident and Orient, between central and southern Europe, Croatia is a country rich in hitory, culture and Central European atmosphere with a strong Mediterranean influence, that with its over 5,000 km of coastline attracts many tourists each year. Its tourism industry is...